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تحميل Root Essentials APK لأجهزة الأندرويد 2024

التطبيق من قبل:
2.4.9 لأجهزة الأندرويد
تحديث في:
رمضان 21, 1444
8.8 MB
مطلوب أندرويد:
Android 5.0+
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What Root Essentials is all about

Root Essentials is a toolbox for rooted smartphones. Users can customize the features of their Android phones that are normally not customizable.

Root Essentials offers three types of features. You can calibrate the battery usage with the first tool. Additionally, gestures can be customized, such as fingerprint readers and flashes. And, simply viewing the information about all phone.

You can choose where to install the default apps with Root Essentials' Storage feature. The app can also be deleted from the system. Additionally, the Interface offers the user numerous other options to alter a wide range of things, such as the default Emoji pack and the DPI of the smartphone's screen. Visit Google sites to learn more about it.

Other Root Essentials features include the following.

  • Adoptable Storage is available on any smartphone running Android OS Marshmallow or higher
  • By default, the app will be installed in the following locations.
  • Viewing the details of apps and uninstalling default apps from the control panel.
  • Calibrating a phone's battery if it empties quickly. If you want to save battery, you can use DU battery Saver.
  • Editing the build.prop file is easy
  • A device's maximum information can be viewed.
  • The DPI of the phone can be edited.
  • Changing the Emoji pack on Android Lollipop and higher phones.
  • Choosing a font to install on the phone. You can choose from 700 different fonts in Root Essentials.
  • For Android Nougat and higher devices, enable Freedom Widow Mode.
  • The phone's system language can be changed.
  • Identifying whether root access is available on the device.

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