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v1.52 for Android
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Mar 15, 2023
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Android 5.0+

Among the characters you can play with in Ball Brawl v1.52 Apk are some soccer players. In this game, you are supposed to run as fast as possible, dribble the ball with your feet, and go straight to the goalpost while wearing rubber-like uniforms.

Control systems are quite simple. To change the ball, simply touch the screen. By tracking the path with your fingers, you can avoid your opponent or shoot at a target. Additionally, you can tap any player for a few seconds to power up and do more moves besides running.

As you win battles, you'll earn coins to buy new uniforms. Thus, this game allows you to customize your team very easily, and it has a much deeper gameplay.

It's a ball fight! While defending your home goal, you can have a lot of fun trying to score as many goals as possible. The game of soccer is presented in a slightly different light in this original title.

What is Ball Brawl v1.52 Apk

Ball Brawl v1.52 Apk is here! Strange characters appear in this soccer game. The object is to chase rubber dolls dressed as soccer players, dribble the ball, and reach the goalpost as fast as you can.

The system is quite easy to control. Touch the screen to change the ball. You can avoid an opponent or hit a target by tracing the path with your fingers. Tap for a few seconds to give players extra energy to do more than run.

Your winnings can be used to buy new uniforms as you win games. By customizing your team, you can further immerse yourself in the game.

You will love Ball Brawl v1.52 App! The more goals you score while defending the local goal, the more you'll enjoy scoring. This is a unique title that introduces a whole new way to play soccer.