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Oct 01, 2022
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BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), the India-specific variation of PUBG Mobile, was released for Android smartphones in July 2021 and quickly became a hit. Before the Indian authorities chose to restrict the Krafton-developed game and delist it from virtual shops in the area, the Indian PUBG Mobile edition had over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

BGMI was well-synchronized with the global version prior to the ban, since the former received practically all the new material with each update of the latter. However, after the ban, BGMI did not get the much-anticipated 2.2 update, which Tencent released for PUBG Mobile in mid-September 2022.

Despite the lack of a patch update for Battlegrounds Mobile India, many fans have discovered download links for the APK and OBB files for the 2.2 version. Readers may learn whether or not to trust such links in the section that follows.

If a game gets an update, fans should be notified by any confirmation or statement from developers or publishers. In the instance of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton did not share any information about the 2.2 version's release since the game is illegal in the nation.

As a result, the lack of a notification from Krafton indicates that any link associated with Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.2 APK or OBB file is a forgery and should not be trusted. Such URLs are nothing more than malware that may cause damage to the device rather than provide the update.

However, if gamers assume that such download sites offer the 2.2 upgrade, their source will remain unknown. It is well known that downloading the game or any other file from an unauthorised source will result in an in-game ban. As a result, the 2.2 upgrade links should be avoided.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, like the worldwide version, got patch upgrades on a regular basis until being removed from the region's virtual storefronts. But after the ban, it's unlikely that new in-game content will be added, especially since Krafton is focused on bringing the game back.

Battlegrounds Mobile India may have minor upgrades in the future. However, the release of the 2.2 version and any future patch updates seem to be on hold until the game returns to the Indian market. As a result, one should not hold out hope for Krafton's official remark on the topic.

The ban was imposed on BGMI on July 28, 2022, and Krafton issued a statement in the days that followed. A recent RTI answer from MeitY said that the official answer mentioned a meeting with the right government officials in the future.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk + OBB 2.2 Download

Before we download, please tell us what's new in this version of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI 2.2 APK) and what system requirements we need to meet.

What’s new in this version of BGMI 2.1 APK?

The new upgrades include a new Story Mode Map called "Fort Ruins" as well as a non-lethal weapon called "Violet Grenade." Non-lethal combat is also available in Fort Ruins.

New Street Gears in the Store: The shop now sells four distinct street gears. Tinted Glasses, Sporty Glasses, and Sporty Jacket are all available.

There is a new weekly leaderboard: The game also features a new scoreboard where you can compete with your friends to see how many kills they have gotten in the previous seven days.

Various weather effects, such as rain or snow, will now be visible during combat. New weapon skins are now available for purchase. A slew of new weapon skins have been introduced. These are also visible in the daily spin.

New Little Cars: A Street Racing Story A mini-car has been added. The Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, and Mini Cabriolet are among them. You may rent them from the vehicle part of the store, or you can upgrade existing cars with gold coins to unlock them for free.

BGMI APK 2.2 Update-Features and Changelogs 
Many gamers inquired about planned updates and enhancements, as well as new collector titles. So, here are five major changes in BGMI version 2.2, which was published last month.

It also makes catching up more difficult than ever. If your pals avoid fights, you may want to try the multiplayer mod "Cowboy Up." This update also includes a new "Anna Character."

Players will benefit from improved visuals and smoother animations in the new BGMI APK 2.2 version. This means that there is little latency, so you can play all day without getting tired or bored. 

A new control has been implemented to allow players who are carrying their injured teammates or squadmates to run without trouble. 
With some free UC Rewards, the BGMI developer has unlocked the Payload 2.0 mode and War modes. Players can resurrect their deceased colleagues by using recall towers found on each map; it also includes RPG games for an even more enjoyable overall experience. 

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