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PID Games
1.3.8 for Android
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Sep 26, 2023
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Android 5.0+
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As one of the very first types of games, action platformers were made in the 1970s and 1980s. There is a wide variety of plots and ways to play old video games on mobile devices. If you want a darker setting and a crazier play experience, Elderand is the game for you.

Combining Platformer and Metroidvania

Metroidvanias are a different type of game. Old Castlevania games were about a famous war between vampires, which inspired this idea. The Metroidvania genre has its own life and way of playing. Usually, in this type of fiction, there are a lot of systems with branching paths that are interconnected. By accident, picking one road will lead you to another, which will lead to different endings in the general store.

Elderand features straight-line action and Metroidvania elements. There are smooth 16-bit graphics that look like they were made in the 1990s. In a mobile game, the three traits were discussed at the same time. Discover the dark story of the character, which will surprise you in many ways.

Check out the land of darkness

In Elderand, players are transported to a vast, winding land that is always dark. Many people have come to face the scary Lovecraft monsters in the hopes of killing them all. However, none of them worked. In the never-ending darkness, the dead became poor souls. Over time, it became impossible to keep track of how many people turned into sad souls. There is no one brave enough to enter this land.

That's the only hero left in the land who doesn't want to accept this truth: you. It is well known that you are rude. You always want to get stronger every day so you can go into the dark place, meet the spirits, follow their advice, and then fight the monsters.

Battle scary monsters

In this dark land, anything can hurt someone weak. In addition to the scary monsters, the rule is that only those who are strong enough to beat them will survive.

The path to becoming the leader here and erasing the history of your predecessors will be filled with many deadly battles. Monsters can appear out of nowhere in the dark streets.

Besides looking huge and tall, they scare you for many other reasons. As a result of the twisted body, the cold-blooded cruelty, and the counterattacks, the player was scared.

Elderand's monsters are mostly inspired by Lovecraft. There is a chance to meet the famously weird creatures from the widely read Lovecraft horror books. Not only do they look scary, but they can also strike with such force that it makes you dizzy. Death is always a possibility in the dark streets.

Role-playing involves

The game is a Metroidvania platformer with a strong role-playing component. Upon killing a monster, the player can choose from a variety of skills or items. Making a number of decisions will allow your character to grow in a unique way.

Fighting styles also influence the experience of fighting differently. Most of the time, you can do what you want. Stats, skills, tools, and even the appearance of your character are all customizable.

There were many dangerous weapons in the armory

When you kill monsters, you can get money, gold, and diamonds. These valuable items can be used to buy more guns for your character. The fact that the brash fighter can learn a lot of weapons quickly is an interesting feature of Elderand. From knives and tools to iron swords, whips, knives, axes, and even bows and arrows, you will encounter everything on your journey.

Firearms each have their own stats, damage, and use, as well as their own effects. You can use the magic scepter as a spear or a long-range weapon that sends out magical energy streams. It is better to fight close to the giant sword when it comes to it.

Picking the right weapon for each situation depends on your knowledge of the enemy's moves and the creatures' weaknesses. All players have the right to use and choose, but which choice is the smartest?

When more enemies die, there is more loot

The fighters of Elderand are fantastic fighters, super smart learners, and excellent makers. However, it would be a waste not to use this making skill. A player can customize his weapon by adding "items" to it.

In Elder Scrolls: Wild, loot is the next interesting feature. Giant monsters drop some very important items when they fall. In order to improve and strengthen your present weapon, you can use each item separately or together with another item.

Key Features:

There are many weapons you can use to kill people, including whips, swords, knives, axes, bows, and many more. Each weapon has its own stats and powers. The weapons range from a magical staff that fires energy blasts to a large sword. When you fight beasts, find the ones that make you the happiest.

  • There are beautiful gothic graphics and handcrafted level design in this detailed, hand-drawn pixel world. Metroidvania-style exploration meets Lovecraftian horror in this game.
  • Changing your character's look, skills, stats, and tools, as well as other aspects of an RPG, is possible.
  • Build better weapons by finding items that enemies have dropped.
  • A forest, a town of friendly traders, a temple prison, floating islands, a cursed cathedral, and Elderand itself, which looks like hell, are all dangerous places to visit in this land. You will face over 60 different monsters and about 12 bosses.
  • Learn more about the darkness that rules this land by finding old letters and other written correspondence from the poor people who lived here before you.

How to Download and Install Elderand APK:

  • Download Elderand APK from the official website or Google Play Store.
  • Your device settings should be set to allow "Unknown sources.".
  • The APK file needs to be installed.
  • Play the game and have fun.


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