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App By:
Annapurna Interactive
v1.0.9 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 01, 2023
18 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Millions of players adore the Super Fun Game from publisher Annapurna Interactive for its straightforward gameplay and engaging plot. Come to Florence Apk and you'll feel what a girl feels when she's in love.

Enjoy each emotional rhythm of Florence and Chris's relationship, from flirting to fighting, experiencing storms together, and breaking up till they reach adulthood. While Florence relates your narrative, you will recognise a lot of common scenes from everyday life.

Florence Yoh, a 25-year-old woman, is the subject of Florence Apk. Florence, despite her youth, constantly has the impression that her existence is unimportant and that she is unable to break free from this "portion" of life.

Work, sleep, and occasionally using social media are the three main aspects of your existence. When she eventually met a musician by the name of Krrish, it seemed as though boredom would never end. His entry into Florence Apk's world was like a weird breeze that completely altered everything.

About Florence Apk

You may assist her with making the proper choices to give her life some colourful colour even if it is yet Florentine. The game's five chapters each contain a variety of episodes. The lifestyle of Florence Apk is shown by each chapter at a different degree.

Chapter 1 Florence She leads a mundane existence that is same to any other day. In Chapter 2, Florence's life changes when she meets Chris. The pleasant, bright life of the young couple is depicted in Chapter 3. Conflict and tension between the two started to emerge in Chapter 4.

Florence Apk Gameplay

Florence Apk's gameplay is straightforward but also engaging and addicting. Based on the plot, a distinct discovery is made in each chapter.

The chapters of Florence Apk are quite simple to finish. Some gamers complained that the game offers hardly any difficulty. For instance, to help Florence organise the cluttered room for Chris, you must squeeze and move the brush while collecting coloured blocks to complete the picture.

The gaming screen displays the status bar. You can go on to the following scene by filling the status bar.

In Florence, there are no complicated manipulation techniques. To complete the challenges, all you need to do is press, hold, move, and swipe left or right. In Florence, the publisher is more concerned with your reaction to the story's themes than with keeping you entertained with mini-games.

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Florence Apk visuals and audio

The graphics in Florence are exquisitely crafted and straightforward yet elegant. They are ideal for sunny parcels of land. Florence's lovely but restless first love is expressed in the light, almost indifferent melody.