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Download Foru Channel APK for Android 2022

App By:
Neverstill Mobile
v1.5.5.1-release-build-2017-05-01T19:11Z for Android
Updated On:
Nov 22, 2022
6 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

A Foru Channel Apk is a channel in a digital workspace where you can ask questions, share ideas, and leave comments. You can use it to get your organization talking and collaborating.

Give people a place to ask questions by using forum channels. In a collaborative forum, knowledge is shared, discussions are held, and problems are solved.

By creating chat groups for anything on your phone, Channels automatically connect you with like-minded Android users.

Support, help, tips, and tricks are no longer found on the internet. Do not submit a Play Store review that no one will read. Besides channels, all your apps and games have forums where you can create, join, and follow conversations.

Foru Channel Apk is the latest APK you can download and access all the files you need! It comes with a large library of modded apps and is easy to use. Download for Android for free. It's 100% safe and free!

Foru Channel Apk Features 

  • Channels offer the following features:
  • Navigation, search, widgets, and channels all display the same name.
  • Briefly describe the purpose of the forum channel.
  • Forum channels can be locked to prevent new posts from being made. Individual posts can also be blocked to prevent further comments. Using this feature closes closed conversations or disconnects abusive conversations.
  • You are asked to select the type of forum you want to cover when creating a forum channel. You can limit the forum to questions, or you can select all options to allow all topics. As well as this functionality,
  • Additionally, you can create widgets to display the same type of forum topic in other areas of your workspace. Customer service could benefit from a widget called Ask Questions that displays all workplace forum threads, but not problem threads, ideas, or threads.
  • Forums can be placed anywhere in your workspace with this feature.
  • This channel is hidden from navigation when this function is selected. Channels can still be accessed via Site Manager or their URL.

You can use strings to:

  • Use an app or game to get help.
  • Directly contact the developers if you need assistance.
  • Improve and add new features.
  • You can report a bug in an app or game.
  • Feel free to ask for advice or suggestions.
  • Discuss interesting topics with others.