Goblin Conqueror Game APK

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Final for Android
Updated On:
Sep 28, 2023
577 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
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The Goblin Conqueror Game APK features Kanami, a former dragon slayer who lost her job after dragons disappeared. Her new job as a Monster Hunter has captivated her, and she has dedicated herself to vanquishing goblins wholeheartedly.

About this game:

In the aftermath of the extinction of dragons, Kanami lost her job as a Dragon Slayer. In her new role as a Monster Hunter, she is committed to vanquishing goblins wholeheartedly. The Monster Hunter she peers up with, Uzuki, is an elite and talented individual. The relationship between Kanami and Uzuki has always been quite strained despite their similar ages. Though dragons are no longer a threat, goblins remain a threat, and they must eliminate them to protect the city. Embark on this thrilling journey and witness how Kanami and Uzuki overcome their differences and grow together in their quest to eliminate the goblin threat!​

Game Features:

  • Game for juniors
  • Story that captures the imagination
  • Fighting based on rock-paper-scissors

NOTE:- All characters are 18+. Goblin Conqueror Game APK (Adult Game) is not suitable for those under the age of 18.

How to Download and Install Goblin Conqueror Game APK:

  • Download Goblin Conqueror Game APK from the official website or Google Play Store.
  • Your device settings should be set to allow "Unknown sources.".
  • The APK file needs to be installed.
  • Play the game and have fun.


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