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v1.3.2 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 18, 2023
Required Android:
Android 6.0+
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In the mobile gaming industry, Gym Simulator 24 APK is a leader. The goal is to achieve control and health. In this game, you can also design, build, and manage your own fitness center. Creating a unique wellness center gives you the opportunity to let your imagination and strategic thinking run wild. You can add intensity and realism to your spa experience by choosing the right equipment and renovating your spa. There are a variety of skills to suit different tastes in the game.

We have something for everyone, regardless of whether you're interested in health, visualization, or just a well-designed simulation game. Its ability to combine these elements into an immersive, entertaining experience sets it apart. Building a gym is no longer just about building a gym; it's more like building an interactive fitness empire.

About Gym Simulator 24 APK:

The Gym Simulator 24 APK invites you to experience the fitness paradise of your dreams. You can climb the ladder and build your own fitness empire in this simulation game. Featuring 24 fitness simulation games, the App brings the world of fitness simulation games to life. As a fitness center owner, you can build your empire, satisfy your customers, increase your income through additional services, and get the best equipment.

You can create an unparalleled wellness experience! Make your dirty gym into a luxurious fitness retreat. From wall colors to carpet patterns, you can customize every detail. Make your fitness room unique. Invest in a diverse collection of exercise equipment. The first step is to select the right materials. Build your gym gradually with the best sports equipment, catering to the needs of each customer.

Our boxing arena offers exciting betting opportunities. Adding a boxing area to your gym will take it to the next level. Engage players with exciting games and train them to become champions. Open up your betting options to maximize your winnings.

Enhance customer satisfaction with exceptional features. With amenities such as a sauna and massage room, your guests will have an unforgettable wellness experience. After training, give your customers a place to rest and refresh.

Features of Gym Simulator 24 APK:

Fitness empire in a unique building.

Imagine being able to design your gym however you like. With unique customization options, Gym Simulator 24 APK makes this dream a reality. Every detail is in your hands, from the strength equipment to the wall color. A wellness retreat reflects your unique style, not just a gym trip.

Betting and boxing generated excitement.

Gym Simulator 24 APK Download for Android includes a boxing arena as well. Watch exciting tournaments, train players, and delight your audience with betting options. Advocate for your customers and engage them, not just flex your muscles.

Features that improve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is paramount in the wellness industry. You can delight your customers with the tools provided in this Android game. Providing saunas and massage rooms isn't the only way to guarantee your customers an unforgettable wellness experience. 

Dress up in this place.

Gym Simulator 24 free download isn't just about working out. For the avant-garde, it is a goal. Create a stylish space where your customers can discover the latest activewear trends. Creating a hub for fitness and style enthusiasts is more than just training.


There are customizable features in the game. Make your gym an extraordinary fitness sanctuary by transforming it from a simple space. Make your gym unique by choosing carpet designs, experimenting with wall colors, and adding unique elements. This isn't just a game; it's your fitness vision on a canvas.

The training equipment varies.

From a selection of basic gym equipment, you can expand your gym with the best training equipment. The game offers a variety of equipment, from treadmills for cardio enthusiasts to bench presses for muscle builders. Keeping every customer engaged and satisfied is not just about diversity.

Betting options and venues for boxing.

Add a boxing area to your gym to increase its appeal. Train your players, watch them become champions, and thrill your customers with live games. This game goes further by allowing you to place bets.

A luxurious experience.

Gym Simulator 24 APK Download pays particular attention to customer convenience since fitness goes beyond lifting weights. In order to ensure a spa-like experience, saunas and massage rooms are not the only additions.

Dress up in this place.

Staying on top of the latest sportswear trends isn't just about sweating after a workout. Customers can indulge in fashion pampering post-workout in a dedicated area.

Gym Simulator 24 APK highlights:

 Make your space clean and cheerful: Start with a drab gym and transform it into a luxurious fitness retreat by making it clean and cheerful. You can customize every detail, from wall color to carpet design.

 A diverse range of exercise equipment:  Start with a limited selection of exercise equipment, but gradually expand your gym with state-of-the-art equipment to suit your customers' needs. You can choose from a wide selection of training equipment.

Boxing Arenas & Thrills: Take your gym to new heights with a boxing arena. Play exciting games and train players to become masters.

Luxurious Amenities: Combine luxury with amenities like saunas and massage rooms to increase guest satisfaction. Make your customers' wellness experience unforgettable.

Change room: Establish a changing room for guests who need a rest after training. Transform your gym into a fitness and fashion hub by showcasing the latest sportswear trends.

Gym Simulator 24 APK brings fitness simulation games to life. Build your empire, delight your customers, increase your sales with additional services, and offer the best wellness facilities. The power to create a unique wellness journey is in your hands!

How to Download and Install Gym Simulator 24 APK:

  • Download Gym Simulator 24 APK from the official website or Google Play Store.
  • Your device settings should be set to allow "Unknown sources.".
  • The APK file needs to be installed.
  • Play the game and have fun.


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