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Download Huawei Santé APK for Android 2023

App By:
Huawei Internet Service
v13.0.1.361-wearBeta (1300001361) for Android
Updated On:
Mar 03, 2023
123 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

You can organise your workouts using Huawei Santé Apk, which also collects statistics for convenient viewing. You may monitor the length and routes of your training sessions using Training Activity. It also functions whether running, walking, or cycling both inside and outside. You can also set a target for your session, like running for an hour or 5 kilometres. Moreover, you can link other activity counters. Normally, certain data shouldn't be altered.

Scales and watches, such the Huawei Watch GT, were eventually connected via both heart rate monitors. You may closely monitor the changes in your weight, heart rate, and sleep patterns in addition to your participation in sports owing to the data gathered by numerous connected gadgets. The tracking map then visibly and unmistakably displays all of this information.

You can use your smartphone to access the Huawei Santé App after downloading and installing it. You may manage your fitness objectives using the app, including calories burnt and travel distance. You can keep tabs on your medication, heart rate, and other helpful information. In fact, the fitness and health app on your smartphone will show the information you enter into the app's UI. Also, if necessary, it will prompt you to modify some values.

The Huawei Sante app is one of the first brand-new ones to enter the Android ecosystem. It was developed by well-known Android app creator Suzy Zhang, who earlier served as a technical adviser and medical researcher for the Google Android team. This software is comparable to the incredibly well-liked Facebook or MyFitness applications for tracking fitness and wellness.

Concerning Huawei Santé Apk

The official Huawei Santé Apk app keeps track of your wellbeing and physical activities. You can record specific details about your sleeping patterns, weight history, daily caloric intake, and heart rate with the app.

Your buddy for holistic health and fitness. Huawei Santé Apk contains what you need, whether you want to enhance your workout routine, keep track of your health, or just manage your wearable technology. You have the choice to keep your info private or share it with close friends and family. With the most recent health and fitness technology, this device is simple, secure, and simple to use.

You can keep track of all your physical activity on the training tab. You can bike, run, or do all three. Also, you can select a certain training programme that allows you to include long-term objectives to boost your motivation.

You may keep an eye on your current health status using the Sleep and Heart Rate tabs. The first one reveals how many hours of light and deep sleep you get every night, and the second one reveals whether your heart rate is fairly stable throughout the day.

Characteristics of the Huawei Santé app

It is by your side at all times.

Maintain a health journal. The Huawei Santé Apk keeps track of your activities and offers over 100 different games, ranging from easy to difficult. At each stage, clearly view your training data to ensure that you are on track to meet your objectives. You have access to a magnificent world of physical fitness.

As you please, run

a straightforward game that everybody may enjoy. The app may record and map your path while you're driving and show pertinent information to help you stay on course. Obtain training schedules that will enable you to complete a full marathon after your first 5K. Never has running been so simple.

A fantastic journey

Tell your loved ones about your quest towards wellness. You may make a music video out of your outdoor workout that you're proud to show off. Create shareable films using dynamic monitoring to inspire others and yourself on your fitness path.

A fresh perspective on health

With Huawei Sante, learn every little information about your life. The app keeps track of your heart rate, weight, amount of steps taken each day, and more. All of your information is displayed in simple, interactive charts that make it easier for you to comprehend your health.