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v2.2.1 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 03, 2023
12 MB
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Android 5.0+
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Discover some of the most effective guided imagery, visualisation, meditation, and hypnosis audio based on NLP, brainwave frequencies, the Erikson Hypnosis Application Apk, self-help, and hypnosis.

In controlling your worry and tension, be positive, joyful, and at ease. surpass your objectives, produce accomplishments, and enjoy success. Become motivated, adopt a positive outlook, exercise good judgement, and lead a happy life.

With new content being uploaded each month, the app provides access to more than 170 audio programmes. You have complete access to the enormous personal development library with a monthly subscription.

The app has the following categories as of April 2019:

14 complete 20–40 minute audios are available for free and cover a variety of subjects, including procrastination, daily meditation, hypnosis and NLP imagery, mind-body awareness, meditation music, and more.

  • Three new full-length audio programmes are added each month that don't require a current subscription under the Share to Unlock feature. To access this content series for 30 days, simply share the app. It's a win-win strategy for expanding our audience and assisting others' personal development.
  • Attention Shift is a collection of 65 original programmes that tackle topics including stress management, managing PTSD, healing the inner child, managing social anxiety, managing anger, confidence, courage, sleep, determination, forgiveness, and more.
  • Targeting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states that have been scientifically confirmed to exist, BrainWave Music is a collection of 27 bilateral music programmes.
  • 13 audios in the Empowered Muse series discuss a special personal development method created just for women.
  • Health - 4 Audio discusses a variety of opportunities and health concerns with psychological (mind-body) underpinnings.
  • Three audios called Hypnosis Training cover the fundamentals and methods of both direct and indirect hypnosis.
  • 22 audios in the Involution Weight Management series examine weight management and loss from a hypnosis and NLP approach.
  • Two audio and training websites, Fear and Anxiety Management, concentrate on methods for overcoming the fight, flight, and freeze reactions from a hypnosis and NLP standpoint.
  • Men Living With Meaning is a collection of nine audios that focus on the particular personal growth needs of males.
  • NLP Training - 3 Audio Neuro-Linguistic Programming Methods and Teaching Concepts.
  • Personal Growth - Three audios that outline a thorough plan for personal development and how to go about putting it into action.
  • Relationships: Four audios that explain how to enter into, maintain, and end close relationships.
  • Four audios on spirituality include a range of spiritual disciplines.
  • 9 audios in the Trauma Recovery series discuss coping mechanisms and post-traumatic stress disorder recovery.
  • Wealth is a trilogy of audiobooks that focuses on the mental gymnastics, religious conviction, and entrepreneurial mindset.

Words and language together make up what we perceive to be our own reality. Your paradigm (your personal experience, education, culture, language, and belief system) serves as a filter through which you give each experience meaning. This unconscious pattern underlies your life experiences, your perception of who you are, and the language you use both consciously and unconsciously. Modify your behaviour. And you alter your course...