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Download Il Gioco Della Vita 2 APK for Android 2023

App By:
Marmalade Game Studio
0.3.8 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 29, 2022
975 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The official follow-up to the venerable board game Il Gioco della Vita lets you live 1,000 years! Are you a robotic engineer or a video blogger? Now come!

Winner of "Best Digital Table Game" at the 2021 Pocket Gamer Awards

This game is played by more than 50 million people worldwide.

In Il Gioco della Vita 2, you can race with your loved ones while making your own sign and driving an eco-friendly car. It is the modern follow-up to the beloved family game Il Gioco della Vita. If there were a million different ways to live and succeed, which one would you pick? Gaining points will make you rich, content, and knowledgeable. You could also work your way up to becoming a cerebral surgeon with more degrees and three kids, a pop star with five dogs and a private pool, or both!

How deas Il Gioco Della Vita 2 Apk work: 

The video game on a tablet Il Gioco della Vita 2 is the follow-up to Il Gioco della Vita, the first physical board game from Hasbro.

Unsci three of your loved ones and pursue your dreams with "UN GIOCO PER 4 GIOCATORI"

a game without announcements; uninterrupted play throughout the entire game; English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese are among the six translations.

- MULTIGIOCATORE ONLINE - Gather with fans or invite friends and family to a private game - PASS & PLAY - No internet? No problem. Take on our sophisticated IA. It's no trouble! For a Wi-Fi-free experience, the players pass one device back and forth.

Come and have fun!

PERSONALIZE your online presence

Make your red, blue, or new violin signet ring uniquely yours by personalising it.

La Ruota will be guided by me.

The game begins when a crucial choice is made. Are you first going to the office or college? What will your family and friends decide in this age-old simulation?


having children, rearing pets, adopting pets, or any combination of these! Before honing your skills and becoming an aeolic turbine technician, work as an animal killer! You have it now.

More ways to exact revenge

Each choice you make will get you points! Since any choice will increase your money, happiness, or knowledge, they are all viable options.


Keep leading the life you've always wanted! Travel or unwind in a lavish mansion to discover your list of dreams! Unlike traditional table games, you have the option of continuing.


Remove all new decorations, outfits, and cars while you play and receive rewards!