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1.0.166 for Android
Updated On:
May 19, 2023
90 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
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Monthly Entertainment Mod APK lets you build your own entertainment company. In this game, you can operate your company freely and become the idol king of the world. It is your responsibility to introduce trainees to the public in any way you can. You will be able to enjoy a top notch space you previously dreamed of playing this game. Suitable for every Android device, you can download it now and start playing

About Monthly Entertainment Mod APK Max Level 2023:

It is known as the game app that founded the entertainment company. To build a business company in the entertainment industry, you need to learn about the market and start thinking about ideas. Finding and buying a headquarters is the first step to becoming an entertainment company. As soon as you start your company and open it, you will organize internship programs around the world.

Recruit a variety of talented trainees and train them to become celebrities in the entertainment industry with Monthly Ent Mod APK Unlimited Money. We specialize in music production, song recording, singer training, music groups, and many other entertainment-related services.

Managing and creating all the conditions for them to develop their talents and abilities in singing, dancing, and many other areas, will be your responsibility. During training, each month, the company will hold competitions that test each member's competence. Those who pass will continue training in more intensive classes and be released sooner. Your company has acquired two groups of debut music and five solo singers after investing time in training. It was a very successful premiere for the new members of the entertainment house.

The name and brand of the company are already better known, so you can make a lot of money now. Many big brands and brands are interested in investing in your company. Those artists who have already been launched will be presented to the public around the world through a concert. As the group's largest world tour, it will attract many fans.

Purchase all the necessary things for the company as well as invest in the artists of the company in the latest version of Monthly Idol 2 APK Mod Free. When appearing in front of their favorite audience, players can create beautiful images for their idols. You can become one of the world's top entertainment tycoons if your company attracts a lot of people's favorites and profits are increasing.

Things you get when playing Monthly Entertainment Mod APK Latest Version:

The Monthly Entertainment Mod APK lets players become the boss of a leading entertainment company and gain management training that makes many people want to study here. This is an engaging and perfect game, which users appreciate for its content. Furthermore, the game employs very attractive 2D graphics with bright colors. Now is the time to start exploring this game! Taking your company out into the world and getting some preferential policies including outfits, accessories, and outstanding hairstyles during the month.

Become a business owner

The Monthly Entertainment Mod APK will allow you to own a famous entertainment company. Students studying as singers or actors with outstanding performance abilities can be recruited or collaborated with. There will be events in many regions around the world that you will run and host. You do this to increase your company's sales and popularity with artists and singers.

Trainee collaboration

In order for an entertainment company to grow, you must have people join. As a result, trainees who are oriented to become singers will be trained by the company to become celebrities. In order to choose a trainee, the company will organize various events where they can participate and socialize with the audience. In order to leverage that human resource for profit, the company is growing faster and faster. Players who have the idea of managing an international entertainment company will find this game very appealing.

Interface for editing

To impress the crowd, you need not only a beautiful appearance, but also an outstanding talent and the ability to show it off. You will be able to attract them to participate in your shows if you do these things. As a result, you need to change the appearance of your stars that are loved by many. When interacting with fans, create a strong attraction for students.

Options for themes

Theme building can be done professionally by building based on the season. As a player, you need to be flexible in each situation when preparing a show that matches the circumstances and theme of your choice. A fall show, for example, requires the right theme to allow viewers to immerse themselves and enjoy the wonderful space that you create when the time is right. As a result, you will be able to attract a large number of customers and earn a lot of revenue.

Program influence

You need to organize various shows if you want your company to influence the public and the entertainment industry. On their channel, you will find many famous television recordings and broadcasts. When a program is well known, you can earn this advantage.

Multiple locations to visit

A great feature of the game is its ability to take you to various places along the way. A variety of themes will be available for players to choose from to travel to different locations around the globe.

Why do users love Monthly Entertainment Mod APK Unlimited Apples so much?

You will have an exciting experience with this new version of the game. Whenever you are able to shop at no cost indefinitely. Having unlimited permissions and freedom in this game helps players have an enjoyable entertainment experience. Now you can download Monthly Entertainment Mod APK for Android! To be a CEO of the world's leading entertainment company today!

How to Download and Install Monthly Entertainment Mod APK:

  • Download Monthly Entertainment Mod APK from the official website or Google Play Store.
  • Your device settings should be set to allow "Unknown sources.".
  • The APK file needs to be installed.
  • Play the game and have fun.


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