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19.0 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 29, 2022
9 MB
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Android 5.0+

Up until recently, in order to enjoy entertainment in various ways, we had to have several applications. For instance, it was required to have a separate program for watching anime like AnimeFLV APK and another app for watching television shows like Netflix or Prime Video. The need for a completely distinct program, such as Tapas APK, to view comics was also necessary. In some cases, installing yet another programme was required in order to read our wonderful favorites, like Multiversos APK!

It may get extremely insane having so many different programs on your smartphone, and the more apps you have installed, the slower your device becomes. Due to this, a group of programmers have chosen to make an application that combines the primary kinds of entertainment for the geek community into a single program. And so Multiversos, also known as Multiverso Geek, was created. It is an application that unites the primary platforms for comic book, anime, manga, and television series fans to enjoy their favorite media. Best of all, it is completely free!

How deas Multiversos Apk work: 

It is an application that aims to combine all the benefits of the primary sources of entertainment for fans of comic books and manga into one platform. The purpose of this app is to provide easy access to the best American comics and the most recent Japanese manga in a single menu. It will also enable us to watch well-known Netflix or Disney Plus series as well as the most exceptional Japanese anime.

You can uninstall a lot of other apps, including some that have high subscription costs like Netflix or Crunchyroll, with the help of this application. The Multiverse app, which you can download for free and without a subscription, is all you currently need to be able to enjoy everything you like the most.

One of the key mobile applications for geeks

The online community of comic book and manga fans typically uses Facebook and Instagram less frequently than other platforms because those platforms are more popular with other demographics. This is one of the programs you may use to communicate with other manga and comic book enthusiasts and discuss the content you find most interesting without constantly feeling like "that weird person who doesn't quite fit in." Instagram.

Additionally, this application will keep you up to date on news and novelties in the geek community so that you are the first to learn about new anime releases in Japan or have access to reviews of the most popular superhero series from Marvel or DC. This app really is fantastic


The top app for comic book fans. Anyone who enjoys comic books is aware that there are only so many that can be purchased; however, this software enables you to read a tonne of free comics on your smartphone or tablet.

There are many animes to watch. Similar to that, Multiversos also enables you to view some of the most well-liked anime produced in Japan, occasionally with Spanish dubs and other times in its original form with subtitles.

exemplary sleeves. Since it is quite likely that you appreciate manga if you enjoy comic books, this application provides you with a complete collection in high resolution so you may read them at home in comfort.

HD series streaming. Finally, you may save your subscription payments and utilise them for other things by using this software to watch the greatest Netflix and Disney Plus premiere programs.