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Mar 02, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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Enjoy playing Neo Bomberman APK.

The level must be completed by killing all enemies before moving on. The bombs can be used to clear a path of blocks and dispose of enemies by detonating a few seconds later.

You will receive more bombs, more lives, more time, a manual bomb detonation, an expanded blast zone, and the ability to move faster when you collect certain blocks.

Online game Neo Bomberman

In a few levels, you can hatch eggs to create birds that will allow you to take additional hits from enemies or bombs without losing a life.

The "escape hatch" will allow you to escape the level after all enemies have been defeated. As you exit the screen, points are awarded based on how much time you have left; more time means more points. By finding the right power-up, you can extend the time limit to three minutes.

Additionally, there is a multiplayer mode where you and another player compete to destroy their opponents. The round is won by the first player to win five matches.

An adventure mode

This mode requires players to eliminate all monsters within a set amount of time in order to move on to the next level. The player can destroy blocks to get to the next area, move freely, and destroy all monsters to get there. A Bomberman can use bombs to destroy blocks that block his path. By destroying the blocks scattered around the area, you can find items that help you advance the game, such as remote control bombs, accelerators, and hearts.

It is also possible to play this mode simultaneously with two players. Using the white Bomberman and the black Bomberman, you must destroy all the monsters in the area so that you can move on. Having two players present increases the chances of success in the game because they can help each other.

Battle mode

With Battle Mode, up to two players are controlled by the computer in one of 10 scenarios designed specifically for multiplayer games. It can be played as an all-out war or as a team battle. Like Adventure Mode, you can also use different objects to defeat the other players.

  • Pumps extra: Give more pumps.
  • Firepower: Increasing the radius of bomb explosions.
  • Travel speed should be increased on skates.
  • Shoes for the Bomberman: Provides him with the ability to kick away bombs.
  • If another Bomberman is hit with a bomb, their objects will reappear on the board. Gloves allow bombermen to catch and throw bombs.
  • In the bomber's skull, the bomber throws everything he has, walks fast or slowly, inverts the controls, reduces the blast radius of the bombs, or prolongs their detonation time.
  • Contains mountable monsters in the form of monster eggs.
  • There are four characters in the battle mode: White, Black, Net, and Blue.
  • The rubber becomes a mass that can move on the blocks of the board once it has been rolled out.
  • The fake can take the form of blocks in the game or a bomb in battle to camouflage itself.
  • Your opponent's objects are taken when you touch them with a random running power.
  • Transform your bombs into hearts that run quickly and randomly in the game area, exploding at any moment.
  • You use fake bombs to fool your opponent, Ninja Hayate.
  • You can teleport to another location by using your samurai sword.
  • You can run quickly through the game area if you have gold.
  • Its shield prevents its components from being damaged by explosions.

Moreover, the characters can mount mechanical or biological eggs containing monsters as support in battle.

How to Download and Introduce Neo Bomberman APK:

  • Download Neo Bomberman APK from the official site or Google Play Store. 
  • Your gadget settings ought to be set to permit "Obscure sources. 
  • The APK record has to be installed.
  • Play the diversion and have fun.


The extreme battling amusement for Naruto fans is Neo Bomberman APK. The amusement offers perpetual hours of amusement with its tremendous choice of characters, customizable controls, and numerous diversion modes. Anybody who adores Neo Bomberman will appreciate its dazzling illustrations and uncommon moves and combos. Begin fighting your way to triumph by downloading the Neo Bomberman APK nowadays.

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