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Download Random Dice Mod APK for Android 2023

App By:
v7.9.2 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 28, 2023
200 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Tower defence games are popular because of how simple and enjoyable they are to play, but if you find that your tactical games are too simple, you can always choose the most exciting tower defence and puzzle game, Random Dice PvP Defence. You are welcome to participate and enjoy the fun gameplay this game has to offer.

Discover the incredible possibilities in Random Dice: PvP Defense as you attempt to collect the dice, combine identical dice, and uncover intriguing defence options while playing. Adapt your tactics and playstyle while taking advantage of the intriguing randomizations in Random Dice: PvP Defense, which will enhance your entire gaming experience. enjoyable.


The thrilling action in Random Dice: PvP Defense should have Android gamers enjoying their most inventive strategy and puzzle game. You won't have been playing a dull TD game with the unique tower defence game. Instead, random Dice: PvP Defense invites players to original games that let you combine dice towers that are similar to make a single tower.

Higher-level dice with additional strength and random features can be unlocked. Change your attitude and tactics to participate more actively in the game. You are free to engage in Random Dice PvP Defense as you experience various difficulties & levels. Perhaps most significantly, you'll find yourself loving Random Dice: PvP Defense even more because of the captivating online action with interesting PvP challenges.

Features of Random Dice Mod Apk: - 

The straightforward and enjoyable tower defence gameplay

Players of Random Dice PvP Defense for Android will first be able to take use of the game's straightforward and reviving tower defence gameplay. Enjoy the exciting dice battles where you use your cunning skills to defeat your opponents, combine dice to increase your talents, and plan long-term tactics to help you overcome difficult difficulties. You won't have any trouble comprehending the functions of the game because to its simple-to-use features.

varied powers for each dice

Due to the addition of dice with various skills, you can have an even better time enjoying the intense gameplay in Random Dice: PvP Defense. With so many distinct powers at your disposal from your dice, you can also enjoy dice strategy. Enjoy the thrilling game while devising new tactics and ideas to overcome the odds.

Create a potent dice deck.

PvP Defense in Random Dice To develop your skills utilising the dice deck, you must first overcome a number of obstacles. In order to maximise your strategies, you must try to thwart enemy attacks. The stage is also far more entertaining thanks to the creative and unique gaming mechanisms.

You must first be able to endure your powerful strikes.

In Random Dice: PvP Defense for Android, players must constantly defend against strikes from their adversaries in addition to growing their first strength. As a result, you must continually upgrading your dice and positioning them for the greatest defence against your opponents. While you're at it, get your crucial attacks ready to destroy your opponents' decks and increase your chances of winning.

Balance your deck to defeat the opposition.

Android players should also be conscious of the overall strategy & the present state of the game while playing their defences & offences. Create traps that your adversaries could fall into. or devise ongoing strikes that they won't be able to counter. You should be able to continue having fun while playing with these tips.