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1.1.0 for Android
Updated On:
May 19, 2023
12 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+


It has become increasingly popular to express creativity through captivating visuals in the digital age. It is an innovative application package (APK) that transforms ordinary photos into stunning works of art using a unique blend of artistic filters. APK Samusa offers a range of features to enhance and unleash your creative potential, regardless of whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned visual artist. Throughout this article, we will explore what Samusa APK is, explore its features, discuss its pros and cons, and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is Samusa APK?

This application specializes in artistic filters and effects for photo editing. APK Samusa allows users to add captivating effects to photos and transform them into mesmerizing masterpieces using a wide array of creative tools. With the APK, users can create stunning visuals with a user-friendly interface and a vast collection of filters inspired by various artistic styles.

Features of Samusa APK:

Artistically Inspired Filters: Samusa APK offers a variety of artistic filters inspired by a variety of art styles, such as oil painting, watercolor painting, and drawing. With these filters, you can transform your photos into stunning artistic renditions, giving them a unique and striking appearance.

Additional editing tools are available in Samusa APK in addition to filters. To achieve the desired look, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters. Photo editing features include cropping, rotating, and resizing.

Real-Time Preview: Samusa APK lets you preview and apply filters in real-time, so you can see the visual effect before you finalize it. Using this feature, you can experiment and make adjustments on the fly, enhancing your creative process.

Interface is easy to use: The APK features a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate through filters and editing tools. For users of all skill levels, the intuitive layout ensures a seamless editing experience.

Pros & Coin of Samusa APK:

Pros of Samusa APK:

Various art styles inspired artistic filters.

Tools for fine-tuning and customizing.

For instant feedback and adjustments, a real-time preview is available.

A user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.

Adds a unique artistic touch to photos and enhances creativity.

Cons of Samusa APK:

Android devices only, excluding iOS devices.

A premium version may be required for advanced features.

On certain devices, there are occasionally performance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: Is Samusa APK free to download?

A1: Samusa APK can be downloaded for free on Android devices.

Q2: Can I undo or revert the applied filters in Samusa APK?

A2: Samusa APK allows you to undo or reverse the applied filters, so you can experiment with different effects and find the perfect artistic style.

Q3: Can I share my edited photos directly from Samusa APK?

A3: Samusa APK offers social sharing options, allowing you to share your edited photos directly to social media platforms or with your family and friends.

Q4: Does Samusa APK require an internet connection to apply filters?

A4: Samusa APK applies filters and effects locally, so there is no need for an internet connection to edit photos.

Q5: Can I use Samusa APK on my iOS device?

A5: Samusa APK is currently available only for Android devices.

How to Download and Install Samusa APK:

  • Download Samusa APK from the official website or Google Play Store.
  • Your device settings should be set to allow "Unknown sources.".
  • The APK file needs to be installed.
  • Play the game and have fun.


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