SD Maid Pro APK v5.5.9 APK

Download SD Maid Pro APK v5.5.9 for Android 2023

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5.5.9 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 07, 2023
8 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

As smartphones become more popular, it is necessary to clean the trash, unnecessary cache, and empty folders stored in your phone's storage on a regular basis. Although there are many apps that do the same thing, if you are looking for the best one, then the SD Maid Pro Apk is the best, because it cleans the unnecessary data and detects viruses.

SD Maid Pro introduction

With SD Maid Pro, you can free up storage space and optimize your phone's performance by cleaning all the unnecessary data from your device. There are many useful features in this app, including managing all your installed apps and keeping track of your device's storage space.

It is an effective solution for users with low-end devices or who are running out of storage. It has a powerful analyzer tool that shows you all the junk files and residual data left in your device after uninstalling the applications and how much storage can be freed up after deleting those files.

Additionally, it has a deep cleaning tool that shows you all the duplicate pictures and media files on the device, as well as the files that take up a lot of space. As a result, you can easily remove duplicate and unnecessary large files in order to gain more storage space. By doing this, you will be able to free up storage on your device, optimize its performance, and make it run like butter.

Cleaner for advanced caches

The SD Maid Pro Apk is an advanced cache cleaner, as it detects empty directories, logs, and folders and allows you to delete them. As well as showing deleted app fragments, irrelevant cache data, and other useless data, it will also enable you to free up space on your phone's memory and external SD card. You can also free up as much memory as possible by searching for duplicates.

An application manager

The app also offers an application manager function for managing all the applications installed on your device, in addition to cleaning cache. You can view the status of the application, its size, and the permissions it uses, as well as whether it is running or inactive.

In addition to launching and deleting selected applications, you can export them as well. A package that can be installed can also be created from the application.

Options galore for setting

With plenty of settings options, you can search the data for more precise cleaning. It has an exceptional setting that prevents the deletion of data from specific applications or files on your device. The app also has a customization option that allows you to change the default layout and language of the app so that you can easily navigate it.

Astonishing features

In addition to multiple setting options, the app has many remarkable features, such as file explorer, which allows you to see what kind of files are stored on your device. Likewise, the app has many more features that allow you to search for files by name, date, or size. Virus scanners are also useful for detecting viruses and optimizing databases.

SD Maid Pro Mod APK

It is a modded version of the SD Maid Pro application that makes your device more productive and efficient. Additionally, you can remove unwanted cache and junk files in a few clicks.

Features of the mod

SD Maid Pro Mod Apk enables you to use all the pro features without spending a penny, since it unlocks the premium subscription.