Sword Art Online VS APK Mod 1.0.12 APK

Download Sword Art Online VS APK Mod 1.0.12 for Android 2022

App By:
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
1.0.12 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 22, 2022
126.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 4.1+

Compared to Sword Art Online

This free-to-play action RPG game is based on the popular Sword Art Online franchise. Among the characters you can control are Kirito and Asuna from the SAO anime. It is offered by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

You must use sword skills and special powers to defeat enemies in this fast-paced action game. Your characters and equipment can also be upgraded to increase their power, making them stronger and more formidable in battle.

As a warrior, you can also take part in a variety of quests and challenges in Sword Art Online VS APK. Daily events and rewards offer exceptional opportunities to earn coins and improve your gameplay.

Background Story of Sword Art Online VS APK

The mysterious world of Cross Edge intrigues Kirito, a curious and investigative swordsman. Despite its popularity, this game has received negative reviews.

Kirito has heard unsettling rumors that mysterious players are appearing from the blues on Cross Edge. It is common for these players to wear a garment that hides their eyes (usually a hood pulled low over their face). There are rumors that losing to these players causes memory loss, and some players even disappear.

A fearless sword fighter, Kirito sets out to unravel this mystery and stop the sinister forces that revive the memories of the Laughing Coffin.

Kirito and his friends start playing Cross Edge at Dicey Cafe as a result. Are they going to face the mysterious characters that haunt their memories of SAO? In Cross Edge's virtual world, what dangers await them? By downloading and playing Sword Art Online VS APK for Android, you can find out.

Detailed Mechanics & Intense Gameplay

APK Sword Art Online VS provides fast-paced gameplay with detailed combat mechanics that require skill and precision. Additionally, Cross Edge offers a variety of quests, tasks, and challenges to keep you engaged.

An inexplicable presence ambushes Kirito and his friends as they continue to play the game. Kirito must use his powerful sword skills, battle tactics, and special powers to uncover the truth and defeat this shadowy figure.

If Kirito wants to prevail, he will have to keep evolving his skills after defeating one enemy. Gleam Eyes, for example, is a powerful boss with exceptional abilities and an army of minions.

In order to defeat The Gleam Eyes, you must employ offensive and defensive tactics. By capitalizing on your enemies' weaknesses, you can capitalize on your strengths.

This game will challenge your reflexes and strategic thinking while immersing you in the world of SAO. The game will test your swordsmanship and push you to your limits in battle. Enjoy Sword Art Online VS APK if you think you have what it takes.

Unique Features of Sword Art Online VS APK 

Battle System That Is Unique

SAO Battle System (SBS) combines sword skills, special powers, and tactical prowess to defeat your opponents. To counter your enemy's attacks, you can also use elemental attacks and other skills.

Additionally, you can switch and parry your enemy's moves in real-time with this system. By doing so, you will be able to counter their attacks and unleash devastating blows.

Character & equipment customization

Characters in Sword Art Online VS AP can also be customized, so you can choose every aspect of their appearance and equipment. As a result, you will be able to create a unique avatar that reflects your style and strategy.

Through the virtual Cross Edge, you can earn coins and upgrade your equipment. Your character's abilities will be enhanced and you will have an advantage in battle.

Side quests & endless gameplay

As well as the main storyline, Sword Art Online VS APK offers endless side quests that allow you to explore different parts of the world. These quests also include powerful bosses and other challenging enemies.

Characters, equipment, and skills can be developed by participating in these quests. Additionally, they offer a break from the main storyline and a chance to face powerful opponents.

Organize Your Dream Party

You can choose three characters from SAO to form your party, allowing you to create teams tailored to your fighting style and strategy. Each brings special skills and abilities to the table, so choose wisely!

Your party members must work together in synergy. As a result, you will be able to use each character's strengths to overcome enemies and achieve success.

Card collection & equipping

Your character's skills and powers can be enhanced by collecting and equipping cards in Sword Art Online VS APK.

You can gain a significant advantage over your opponents by using the power-ups and boosts offered by the cards. So, you should look for features like elemental boosts and other bonuses that can help you stay on top.

A new and exciting character

Layla is a new character in this game. With her unique abilities and skills, she can help you stay ahead of your opponents.

Layla is also highly customizable, allowing you to outfit her in the gear and equipment you think will be the most effective in battle. Ensure you explore all options and find the right combination for success.