YouTube Revanced Extended APK APK

Download YouTube Revanced Extended APK for Android 2023

App By:
v18.09.37 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 11, 2023
135 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Users can watch content smoothly and upload any video without glitches using YouTube Revived Extended APK, a better version of the official YouTube application. Try this version if you are having any problems uploading content or videos on YouTube. It keeps the uploading process smooth and seamless. Furthermore, it enhances the watching experience by offering some exclusive features. Background playback and high quality are two of them. Additionally, YouTube offers decent speed controls, high-quality playback, and the ability to download videos. The interface is also user-friendly and sleek. As a result, it attracts users and makes them want to keep using it. In addition, users can also watch videos picture-in-picture.

What is  YouTube Revanced Extended APK.

Every aspect of life is improving as a result of technological advancements, whether it is entertainment or education. The production of modified application versions is an attractive and record-breaking development that provides a seamless, smooth experience with other exclusive features. YouTube Revived Extended APK is one such application.

While watching a suspenseful scene of a movie on the official application, there were lagging and glitch issues that were causing inconvenience. Additionally, this application has resolved a number of technical issues, including unwanted ads, poor video quality, distorted pixels, and background playback options. The only reliable solution if you are tired of being plagued with such issues to open a streaming application every single time is YouTube Revanced Extended APK. A modified version of official YouTube, it is a peer-to-peer streaming video application.

Using this application, users can watch videos on YouTube with advanced features such as a floating player and background playback. The original YouTube application, however, lacks some features such as customization. With YouTube Revanced Extended APK, users can elevate their binge-watching experience by finding a mesmerizing solution to this problem. Furthermore, this application allows users to download and watch high-quality videos. The application has the potential and capability to revolutionize the way people use original YouTube. Even with an unstable internet connection, users can download videos and watch them again at their convenience.

Features of YouTube Revanced Extended APK.

In picture-in-picture mode

In this version of YouTube, users can play videos while browsing other applications. Furthermore, they can play music in the background while working on other applications. Therefore, users are not limited to only using this application and can use multiple applications at the same time.

Themes that are customizable

YouTube Revived Extended APK provides a customization option that isn't available in the original YouTube app. The application can also be customized and its appearance can be changed.


Unlike the original YouTube, this application has an amazing range of video speed. Users can customize the settings and change the speed.

Videos of high quality

All videos are provided in HD quality in this application. Additionally, users can choose from 240p, 480p, 1080p, 1440p, and more quality options.

You can download videos.

Furthermore, YouTube Revised Extended APK allows users to download their favorite videos and watch them whenever they have free time. With this feature, users can watch videos when they don't have an internet connection or live in an area with an unstable connection.