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1.7.2 Pour Android
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déc. 08, 2022
136.5 MB
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Android 5.0+
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The Parodist app includes the voices of more than 40 famous artists, personalities, and cartoon characters. Create a personalized parody message using text-to-speech technology by entering the first and last name of a friend or loved one.

Create prank messages, birthday greetings, or other holidays for your friends and family using a neural network that mimics celebrities' voices.

What celebrity has a voice similar to yours? Just say a few words, and the neural network will tell you whose voice sounds similar!

Here's how to create a prank:

Choose a joke template.

Enter the first name (only existing names can be sounded);

Approve the entered data;

Take a listen to the joke that has been approved. Using the hint provided, change the entered name's spelling if necessary;

Use social media to share the personalized joke link with friends, relatives, colleagues, and others.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) parodies all the voices in this app.

We do not intend to insult anyone with this app, which is only for entertainment and humor.

The following rules apply automatically when you use the application:

  • It is prohibited to generate the following content:
  • Contains information that discredits the honor and dignity of third parties, promotes violence, pornography, drugs, racial hatred, or other illegal activities;
  • The violation of applicable law and general morality and decency norms;

Any advertising for goods, brands, or services.

The price is:

The "celebrity look alike" prank game is free to play;

Access to all features for three days for free.

Unlimited data uploads for all premium templates.