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Alexandr Voskoboynikov
v1.0 untuk Android
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Des 01, 2022
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Android 5.0+
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Auto Task Killer is a convenient and easy-to-configure Dash application that automates important tasks such as: Disabling background processes no longer required for program operations.

You can disable projects that use valuable resources during or outside of the timer by checking the box next to them. Depending on the situation, you can also use different lists. With constantly changing sentences, there is less confusion and wasted time.

Because of its power and speed, the gadget is fast, easy, and very productive.

Aviator Killer Apk - Overview

Aviator Killer Apk is an online project management tool that helps users manage projects and track tasks. All your management needs can be met with this one-stop solution. The software was designed and developed to meet the needs of every industry. With direct access to all important components, it offers user-friendly applications.


  • An overview of all projects and their status.
  • View your personal status, charts, and recent activities.
  • View the current projects, tasks, and events on the calendar.

The project

  • Provide real-time support and advice on each project from anywhere on any active device with Internet access.
  • Ensure that team members, contractors, subcontractors, customers, and others have multiple levels of access permissions.
  • The phases and tasks of a project can be segmented and divided.

Management of contacts

  • Maintain a single list of all company contacts to increase productivity and security.
  • Social networks are a great way to save information.
  • Customers and team members benefit from clear color contrast.
  • Projects and team members can easily connect and share information.
  • Documentation about a project can be discussed in groups.

Management of groups

  • For the selected project, create a group.
  • Interview related clients or contractors.
  • Share content easily between team members, clients, and contractors.
  • During a project, project managers or administrators can define or change groups.

An hour

  • Individual tasks can be added and tracked, including status, title, team members, milestones, etc.
  • Team members and the project manager are able to see each task.
  • You can easily add and save files, documents, drawings, technical support data, images, and more.
  • Project managers can check, comment, and approve job status from any device, anywhere, anytime.

The institution

  • It is possible to save time zones and intervals.
  • Find out more about the plan you purchased.
  • Roles, responsibilities, and company settings can be adjusted.
  • Contacts should be accessible to users.

An encyclopedia

  • A standard calendar with multiple project overlays is available.
  • Timelines for all programs and activities.
  • You can view project status annually, monthly, weekly, or daily.

Tracking bugs

  • You can submit an unlimited number of entries, bugs, and problems.
  • Include details such as the project name, start date, end date, sent, assigned, and screenshots.
  • Notify users when new bugs or status changes are made.
  • Make errors a priority.
  • Tracking of all errors reported in the system is easy.

The relationship

  • Reports are available for expired, completed, active, and inactive projects.
  • Management deems necessary or important information for customers and management.