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mar 23, 2023
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The game Dracoo Master Apk is about collecting and breeding elves. Here you can collect all kinds of cute and powerful elves and lead them to endless mountains and rivers. Together, let's discover all the mysteries of this magical world!

This is a roguelike card-based multiplayer online fighting game. A Dracoo is a pet with special abilities and talents. Dracoos can be taken into the arena to compete and earn rewards, or they can be taken on adventures to Sacred Peak to get Godstones that grant wishes. We are still in the process of developing the game. Users can play a demo version.

Players can create their own unique games and communities in Dracoo Master Apk, a blockchain virtual world based on Dracoo IP.

By using the map editor or game editor, users can create their own special scenarios or games, and access other apps and the Web3 ecosystem from around the world. Our universe is also invaded by external NFTs.

A number of games are based on Draco-IP, a blockchain-based facility for buying and selling land and trading openly on this publisher. Users can freely edit and publish Draco games on this publisher. As well as a large community and a fair and free community trading system. Our goal is to make Dracoo Master Apk the largest on-chain virtual social platform.

How does Dracoo Master Apk work?

There is no secret that some sports' utility tokens have declined 10 times since their peaks, and as a result, many federations must supplement their revenue with other sports. This is the holy grail of fun games with a good token economy and high utility and consistency, according to Dracoo Master Apk.

Among its features are Immutable Dracoo Tokens (NFT), strategy, battles, and cards. Summoners can create their own Dracoo team of three Draco to compete against others in Player vs. Player (PVP) and earn rewards by battling against the environment (PVE).

Featuring great storytelling, stunning art, voiceovers, and addictive gameplay, it has captured the hearts of crypto-natives and mainstream gamers alike. There is a sense of satisfaction in the battles, the animations are beautiful, and the gameplay is excellent. Is there anything else you need?

On the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) testnet, the game is already playable with PvP, PvE, farming mechanics, and an economy. On the official website, players can claim DRACO NFTs, BAS utility tokens, and real DRA tokens directly on the testnet for free.

Token rewards, magic stones, treasure chests, and gold coins are also available in the game, which are essential for advancing the adventure. Interconnected levels create a vast and immersive world in which players can brutally crush anything that gets in their way. Currently, the roguelike PVE mode has 20 levels with crafting resources that provide a refreshing atmosphere. Developers have developed a number of bosses that are deeply ingrained in their minds.

Dracoo Master App has released a new game pack for Dracoo called The Summoner, which includes a feast and an art collection. NFTs act as avatars for players and squad leaders. They are distributed to community advocates to create an incredibly positive community atmosphere. In the upcoming Dracoo Master App, this role will also be crucial.

Features of Dracoo Master Apk 

Elves of all kinds --- Thousands of powerful elves are waiting for you to challenge and collect them.

The 3D Game Screen - Elves, characters, and maps in 3D

Free elves on different maps - Catch your favorite elves

Share your game scores --- Collaboration, creation, and battles with friends

Breeding SSS Elf - Fight for super brilliant elves

Multiplayer - Interaction is available online.

System for making NFT chains:

Our plan is to record achievements and events in Dracoo Master Apk as NFTs.

In Dracoo Master, users can save their achievements and events to their NFTs, which are publicly displayed in the community for all to see. NFT can exchange and transmit this user information.

As compared to normal NFTs, these NFTs have a much higher collectible value and will earn bonuses in all Dracoo projects.

Champion of champions:

Dracoo Master Apk is the basis for Champion of Champions, an online multiplayer fighting game.

In-game traits and effects are granted by each part of Draco's body. In various stages provided by the Champion of Champions, users can select their Dracoo to compete individually or as a team. A huge amount of BAS will be awarded to winners if they meet certain conditions. During this time, the map editor function will also be available.

Users can edit and publish their own levels using the map editor in addition to playing the game to earn rewards. Users will regularly vote on their favorite custom maps, and map authors will be rewarded for creating them. Users can load custom stages into the game and play them. Additional map revenue will be generated as more users play on these custom maps.