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3.11 per Android
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feb 08, 2023
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Android 5.0+
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Given that it is an Ero game, there will be a lot of vulgar and nsfw animations and artwork.

Newly included:

Level 3 includes cheerleader Vick and corrupted Vick plus three new foes!

If you want to find corrupted Vick, think about speaking with cheerleader Vick.

Level 3 needs two more adversaries to be created; Dane the Satyr is almost done, and the Fox Mage will appear in March or April.

Fixing bugs:

- The length of the corrupted loops for the following opponents has been corrected:

Laami, Riki, Honni Bee, and Dee.

- The stage 3 tentacle trap's corrupted loop has also been repaired.

priority updates after this:

- Complete level 4 (5 adversaries plus final boss battle).

- Allow special attacks to be used to escape animations.

- Check out the pause menu's controls.

- Get the level 4 song.