College Brawl Android APK

ダウンロード College Brawl Android APK アンドロイド用 2024

1.4.1 アンドロイド用
10 28, 2022
Android 5.0+
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You'll be playing the game as Ken, a fearless college student with a hunger for knowledge. Your friends were robbed of everything they owned a few days ago by a gang known as the Red Kat Gang. Please aid them in finding their belongings right away. What are your chances of being able to do that? Each stage is longer than the last, and the boss fights are intense. In this game, the graphics are pixelated. Getting rewards from fights, not losing fights, and paying attention to your health make the gameplay fun.

The story:

The story of Ken-

\sKen, a college student, is your character. They attacked your friends and stole their belongings one day. Getting them back now is your responsibility.

The story has 5 stages and 5 bosses.

The extras mode offers 26 sex animations and six images.

Getting HP points or having sex to recover KI are options when the enemy is beaten.

Health can be recovered by using HP points.

A story about Anko-

You assume the character of Anko, Ken's younger sister. One of the intimidating gang members has organised X-rated videos. Your absence has led to attacks on your classmates. How can you protect them?

There are three stages and four bosses throughout her story.

In the extras mode, there are five pictures of Ako and ten sex animations.

When you defeat foes, they occasionally drop food items. HP is impacted differently by different foods, including sushi, apples, and chicken. Sushi adds 1 HP, while apples add 2 HP and KI power.

Anko will be knocked out if she is struck three times in a brief amount of time, allowing the foe to have sex with her. She can be roused from the knockout stage by repeatedly pressing Left or Right (or the Revive button on an Android device).

Play the part of Ken, a college student. You need to figure out a solution to bring your pals back after they were attacked by the Red Kat Gang and had all of their possessions stolen.

The game's gameplay comprises of five boss stages, 26 ABC animations, and six supporting pictures. Your character acquires more KI the more HP points they receive from an enemy. Use HP points to get your health back.