ダウンロード VidOn XBMC APK アンドロイド用 2024

バージョン: アンドロイド用
2 06, 2023
90 MB
Android 5.0+
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You can turn your Android device into a multimedia centre using the VidOn XBMC app. It provides easy access to videos, music, and photographs through a user-friendly interface designed exclusively for touch displays.

The software includes a clean UI with a movie player, audio player, image viewer, and a big list of configurable settings all easily visible. Of course, each of these tools needs to be correctly configured before you can use VidOn XBMC.

There are a tonne of add-ons available for this VidOn XBMC for Android edition. You can use these add-ons to immediately download videos from various websites to your smartphone, search for photographs on Google to add to your photo gallery, and perform other operations. Even live TV can be watched and recorded.

An great multimedia hub is VidOn XBMC. With it, you may enjoy almost any type of multimedia content (pictures, movies, and audio) from a user-friendly, simple, and colourful interface.