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ダウンロード Zenly APK アンドロイド用 2024

v5.9.1 アンドロイド用
2 06, 2023
167.1 MB
Android 5.0+
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Nowadays, everyone uses the internet to keep in touch with one another. There are several social networking apps out there, but they all generally have the same set of functionality. Because Zenly is so different from other apps, the situation is not the same. With the help of this social software, you can build your own virtual environment and invite your friends to check it out.

In addition to this, it allows you to talk with your friends and view their locations, just like NA WhatsApp APK. You can learn more about the zenly your map APK and how to get the zenly app's APK file from this page by reading this post. Although the software is also offered in the app stores, getting it through this page will provide you access to the most recent features.

Features of the zenly Your World APK

Create Your World - Make Your Own World The ability to create a personalised environment where you may add locations, add friends, and interact with people nearby makes the Zenly app for Android one of the finest reasons to download it. Additionally, you can add directions, have conversations with anyone who visits your environment, and perform many other tasks.

Add Friends or Places- In the app, you can add other Zenly users as friends. You may view their live location, places they've added, and other information after adding them. The same holds true for them, and the application will allow you to send and receive various prizes. You have a new means of communication thanks to this software.

100% Free & Safe - Although the zenly app firm makes this app available without charge, numerous websites charge visitors to download it. We have provided a URL to get the Zenly app APK, so there is no need to even think about using such websites. Additionally, you can use this installation file if you're looking for the Zenly app for PC.