다운로드 AAAD APK Android 용 2022

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Gabriele Rizzo
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9 26, 2022
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Android 6.0

AAAD, or Android Auto Apps Downloader, is an open-source utility program that allows users to download and install third-party apps on their Android Auto. It's a launcher for apps designed for car systems that aren't available on Google Play. This app makes it simple to install them and even provides direct access to the car's screen.

AAAD now only has ten apps available for download, and the free version allows you to download one app every month. Users should also be aware that, while the program is safe, the software it installs may not function properly.

What is AAAD?

Android Auto is a mobile application that connects your Android handset to your vehicle. It also allows you to control everything you need on hand, such as navigation, reminders, the address book, and sound. Not only that, but it also provides access to a number of other apps, like music streaming and chat. It can, however, only install Google-certified apps. The Android Auto Apps Downloader appears here.

You may use AAAD to download unapproved Android Auto apps. It also broadens the system's potential by allowing you to install them in your vehicle. You don't need your PC because you can download and install them from your phone. Furthermore, no manual installation is required because the program will always get the most recent version. Finally, a rooted phone is not required.

AAAD includes a free version. However, as previously said, it only allows for one download every 30 days. With the pro edition, you can enjoy the full experience and download as many times as you want.This program, however, only has ten apps available. Also, the apps you install may not work well in your car if they are not Google-certified.

Is the app worth it?

If you want to expand your Android Auto app, try AAAD. You can use this to install, launch, and utilize apps that are not available on Google Play. Furthermore, it does not require rooting and even allows you to download apps directly from your phone. There aren't many apps that can be downloaded, but it's better to have something than nothing.