Moss Surveyor Apk

다운로드 Moss Surveyor Apk Android 용 2024

앱 작성자:
Nyaruka Ltd
13.9.0 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
9 27, 2022
36 MB
필수 안드로이드:
Android 6.0
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Our one-of-a-kind Flow engine is what makes RapidPro what it is today. With Flows, anyone can construct complicated SMS and voice applications without the need for a programmer or an expensive consulting business. Flows allow users to create these applications without incurring any costs.

You can now use RapidPro's strong flow engine offline with RapidPro Surveyor to capture surveys on the ground without the requirement for a mobile connection. You will still be able to construct your surveys using the online flow editor, but, after you have downloaded them to your phone, you will be able to take them anywhere on the globe without having to worry about network issues. When you get back to the office, you will be able to submit your flow findings whenever you are ready to do so.

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