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Ben and Friends
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wrz 26, 2022
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Android 6.0


After Class is a gay, male-focused, NSFW story-driven visual novel about the main character (you/default name: Walter) and the characters he meets. This VN discusses several difficult themes: ordinary conversations, dead memes (particularly), and other topics. Every decision you make has ramifications, and it may alter the outcome of the story.

The story:

You take on the role of a clumsy husky/malamute/wolf mix beastman that has been yearning for a change since high school. You convinced your parents to let you move out for hundreds of reasons and with much reasoning.

You began relocating to your new house, which your parents rented for you, after finally being released from the place you described as a jail in all but name.

Even though they let you leave, they had one condition: "Move to Highwell and attend Highwell University." which you enthusiastically agreed to.

It's your first day of college at Highwell University, and you don't know anyone in town. You've met a lot of new folks! Some are odd, some are lovely, and some have a rough past. But one thing is certain: they are treating you as if you were an old friend...

As you became more acquainted with them, your head began to hurt more frequently, forgotten memories resurfaced, and mysterious nightmares continued to arise in your sleep. They nearly seem to be a part of something really important... What exactly is it, and why can't you recall anything about it?

Did your parents put you here because they knew you'd remember everything? Is it just a coincidence? Is there something else at work?

Why not visit Highwell and find out for yourself?


It all takes place in the Highwell suburbs, where you discover your lost memories while also creating new ones.

However, you are not limited to that area. There's more to discover in and around Highwell. We have it all, from cityscapes to mountain vistas. Don't you think it's quite cool?


What good is a story if there are no characters in it? Meet the charming cast of After Class. Highwell has a diverse population.