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lut 08, 2023
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A visual novel/adult dating simulator called Jedi Trainer is set in an alternate universe version of a galaxy far, far away. Since the game is a hobby and a passion project, work on it may occasionally be intermittent or slow. The game will be completely free to download and play in all of its releases. Although it is not necessary to make a donation to enjoy the game, doing so will help an inexperienced programmer continue working on it. I appreciate your help!

This game is a parody created by fans. Lucasfilm Ltd. and Walt Disney Studios are the owners of "Star Wars" and any related characters. These organisations are in no way connected to this game or its creator.

One of the best young Jedi to graduate from the academy was Asmodea Hollow.

Excellence in every area and command of practically all skills, with the exception of the dark side.

She tries to master the evil side's abilities since she has run out of challenges and wants to make a point.

She needs the assistance of the most dreaded and perilous Sith to have ever existed in order to accomplish this.

A guy whose enhanced power is potent enough to obliterate worlds.

Will she embrace the dark side's abilities while maintaining her moral integrity, or will she succumb to it?

The two most recent releases in brief:

  • When a player bought a customisation item, a faulty confirmation message from the store was fixed. Couldn't actually resolve the problem, so I removed the message, which made it go away.
  • Fixed a quest that failed to launch because it misunderstood a flag, blocking the development of the plot. I believe that this bug existed since the 0.7 releases, therefore resolving it should have given more gamers access to more content.
  • The "Photomode" (available from quarters) has been improved so that the user interface is correctly deleted before the photo is taken and thereafter restored.
  • Minor corrections to the spelling and basic bug fixes.