Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 APK 2022

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2.0 dla Android
gru 07, 2022
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Android 5.0+
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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is the most ridiculous and crazy battle simulator ever made. Battle hundreds of thousands or even millions of characters in battles that will blow your mind. A player's army can grow to any size in the Sandbox mode, which is more flexible than ever. RTS mode allows you to drag-and-drop your armies, or you can play in first- or third-person as any unit. There are many player-driven stories and campaigns available, or you can create your own and share it with others. You will also soon be able to play as a soldier fighting off zombie hordes in FPS games.

There is something important to discuss! UEBS2 uses new crowd rendering and AI technology to bring battles between whole countries to life. This is the first game that uses GPU acceleration for every AI person and all the crowd technology behind them. The UEBS2 can display 100 times more characters on the screen than its predecessor, and it does so with much higher quality and detail. They all work together to achieve the same goal, and each is very good at making decisions and animating.

There is a military in charge.

There are hundreds of thousands or even millions of characters you can battle against. Sandbox mode will return with an army size you can choose and a lot more freedom. The game allows you to play as any of the units in either first-person or third-person mode, and you can manage your armies in RTS mode with drag-and-drop controls.

Using crowdsourcing

Don't ignore the big problem! To bring to life battles between whole nations, this revolutionary new AI and crowd-rendering technology uses only the GPU. This is the first game in which all AI people and crowd technology is fully accelerated by the GPU.


UEBS2 has 100 times as many characters as the first game, and these characters are much more detailed and of high quality. They worked together to reach a bigger goal, showing that they were very good at making decisions and animating. We are also developing our own GPU-based physics engine. With physics on a scale that hasn't been seen before, we hope to create thousands of ragdolls and millions of physics-based objects. We can't promise anything because our physics engine is still in its infancy.