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mai 25, 2023
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Android 5.0+
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Artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge chatbot that listens to you, engages in conversations, and provides guidance.

Through AI, this chatbot understands your needs, responds empathically, and gently guides you through various aspects of life. It is always available to listen and offer support.

With Character AI: AI Companion, you will be able to communicate with your own AI roleplay agent using a chatbot powered by chatGPT - 4. A chat AI bot will always engage with you in real-time communication and AI gf interaction, creating an emotional connection in this entertainment app that will make you feel fulfilled and satisfied as your new AI girlfriend or AI boyfriend.

Features of Character AI (C.Ai APK):

AI Companion for ChatGPT

  • Our AI chatbots are created using the latest chat AI technology, which allows you to customize them into your desired AI friend.
  • Chat with your personal AI friend, and discover other users' shared intelligent AI girlfriends.
  • Members of the Chat AI community can engage in AI roleplay on a variety of topics and find real-life companions who share similar interests.

An AI girlfriend and an AI boyfriend

  • Chat AI agents from AI Companion let you embark on a romantic journey with replika's various AI personalities.
  • We have special, mysterious AIchat tasks as well as a host of surprises to keep you hooked.
  • It's more than an AI chatbot: your virtual AI family, friends, and confidants.

Friend AI & Romance AI

  • Your girlfriend companion can be an AI that understands your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Whenever you need some romantic AI to talk to, Journey AI is always there to help.
  • AI chatbots will carefully listen to every word you say and offer you the romantic AI companionship you need, whether you're bored, anxious, or just needing company.

ChatGPT & AI Roleplay

  • Powered by AI Companion's AIGC technology, this technology is the world's leading technology in character AI.
  • Our AI agents can handle any topic you throw at them.
  • AI boyfriends and girlfriends will gradually understand your thoughts and answer most of your knowledge-based questions.

The best in privacy

  • A conversation between you and your AI girlfriend or boyfriend will remain private at all times.

We invite you to join the AI companion community for AI girlfriends today and discover a whole new world of AI companionship. Our social app allows you to customize your own replika agent and embark on an AI journey of self-discovery that will leave you feeling fulfilled and happy.