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SHD Games
0.0.412 para Android
Atualizado em:
nov 20, 2023
93.9 MB
Android obrigatório:
Android 6.0+
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A realistic tactical shooter with real guns and tactics with intense FPS action


In SIERRA 7, you take on the role of a tactical operator caught up in a war.

There is no room for weak hearts in this mission. There will be a tough and determined enemy with ties to militia leaders and madmen willing to die for their beliefs.

Could you be the right person for the job?

SIERRA 7 is a tactical first-person shooter.

You can focus on a variety of items with the super-stylish minimal aesthetic

A perfect blend of realism and arcade, with randomized firefights

Bringing fast, exciting, and intense gameplay together.

Explore unique locations around the world and engage in tactical First Person Shooter combat against randomized and unpredictable enemies as you unlock a variety of realistic and lethal firearms.

What is Sierra 7 APK?

Sierra 7 puts you in the middle of a war as a tactical operator. As you battle through the game's 12-hour single-player campaign, you'll engage in fast-paced gunfights with militia leaders and soldiers. In an on-rails shooter, your movements are limited. In order to survive, you must rely on quick reflexes and shooting.

Sierra 7 offers a variety of guns you can customize and adjust based on your play style. Furthermore, you can equip different types of gear that provide bonuses. As mission levels are randomized, each playthrough will feel and play differently. The sniper challenges and mini-games provide some variety.

You should expect a fair amount of advertisements throughout your gameplay since Sierra 7 is a free and ad-supported game. Several elements of the game are locked behind a paywall, which can hinder progress at certain points in the game - expected for these types of releases, but still a bit heavy-handed.

Features of  SIERRA 7 APK:

  • Play FREE tactical and exciting games
  • A campaign lasting 12+ hours
  • Realism meets arcade gameplay in this fast-paced game
  • A customizable character with gear and weapons
  • Firearms from the real world
  • Missions that are unique and varied
  • Gun sounds and animations with impact
  • Enemies that are beautifully animated
  • Missions and mini-games for snipers
  • A message from the developer of LONEWOLF

How to Download and Install SIERRA 7 APK:

  • Download SIERRA 7 APK from the official website or Google Play Store.
  • Your device settings should be set to allow "Unknown sources.".
  • The APK file needs to be installed.
  • Play the game and have fun.


The ultimate fighting game for Naruto fans is SIERRA 7 APK. The game offers endless hours of entertainment with its vast selection of characters, customizable controls, and multiple game modes. Anyone who loves SIERRA 7 will enjoy its stunning graphics and special moves and combos. Start battling your way to victory by downloading the SIERRA 7 APK today.