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1.0.5 Android için
Tarihinde güncellendi:
Eyl 17, 2022
78.9 MB
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Android 6.0

[Game introduction]

This is only the beginning of an incredible journey! Start your traditional role-playing game journey in this enchanted land.


Over 100 monsters develop into different forms.

The numerous branches of evolution each have their own unique effects.

-As you go through the major tales, collect your own special monsters, construct your ideal team, and do battle with all of your friends!

[Feature intro]

The daily dungeon, the shard dungeon, and the main stages are all waiting for you to investigate them. blitzes through dungeons, obtaining a large quantity of various items.

The auto-battle system makes the game simple to play while allowing you to keep your hands free.

[Building system]

You may improve your favourite monster by using one of the many different construction systems.

The bond system enables you to be pals with your unique monster.