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Ara 08, 2022
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Tentacle Beach Party is a strategy game with an intriguing concept. Players can live out the story of a book in the game. Even so, there are a lot of different kinds of game chapters and beautiful gameplay. Besides the great graphics, there is also beautiful background music that you can dance to while playing.

As you play, you'll be taken on some crazy adventures by the story. You will be welcomed warmly at a beach resort. The game is not fast-paced, so you won't have to make any quick decisions. Since the game is more about strategy than quick reflexes, you can always play at your own pace.

The way it works is also impressive. With easy-to-use controls, players can connect with the game world and control the tides easily. Last but not least, players can play at their own pace and speak with different women. Additionally, you will be able to perform special moves. Hide behind a palm tree or go to the pool to avoid being seen by a security camera.

You won't have to pay anything to play this game. Every level, feature, upgrade, and story in the game is free. Here's where you can download and install it to play it for free. Tentacle Beach Party was created by Yukari Games. You can play it on Android devices running version 4.1 or higher. It doesn't take up much space because you only need 100Mb of storage to install and play it.

The gameplay

The game begins on a planet that is not our own. The planet is ruled by Ythogtha, a Tentacle God. He sent his son to Earth to drain the energy reserves of the people he could find and kill them. All you want to do is take these women without getting caught by security or other tourists.

There are a lot of funny situations in the game, and you'll meet a lot of interesting characters. People can be nice to some of these people, but difficult to talk to to others. You can choose which one to follow. As you play, you will be able to advance through different levels and earn points for completing your missions.


Even though not every part of the game is fun, there are still a lot of cool things to do. Here are some of the game's unique features:

Graphics: The graphics in Tentacle Beach Party are pretty standard. The colors, shapes, and other visuals are all designed for a simple game.me. Characters are also designed to look and act simple. As a result, players won't see a bright or flashy background. Instead, they will see mostly pixelated and colored graphics. There are some small details in the game environment, such as beers in a bar.

Storyline: Unlike other games of this kind, Tentacle Beach Party has an interesting storyline. The game's creators made up a story to help players connect with the characters and understand their objectives. In order to capture women, aliens must blend into their surroundings. The story is easier to follow and understand for even casual players because of this.