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3月 01, 2023
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At the conclusion of his final school year, our main character, Jake (or your choice of nickname) Rogers, is getting set to enrol at his local university with his longtime lover and best buddy.

That is, until everything is turned upside down and he is forced to alter his plans.

Now that he seems to have few options left, he chooses to move to Horton Bay, a coastal town on the opposite side of the country, where he may try to start over and create a new life for himself.

He will create new connections, whether they involve close friends, romantic interests, extramarital encounters, or just some straightforward, unrestricted casual sex!

He'll take a tour of the area and meet some intriguing locals. Obtain a job and a degree for himself. even discover himself getting entangled in a brutal crime war! More significantly, though, he gets to begin the first installment of the Horton Bay Tales! We appreciate your curiosity and hope you'll be interested enough to stay for more.

Change Log version 0.2.9

  • The next step in Christine's arc should no longer be unlocked by Christine's bathroom events granting more than 19 attraction points.
  • The morning after pill is intended to stop the countdown to the beginning of a pregnancy, but daily contraceptives are meant to stop the countdown from starting in the first place. Fixed: Using a daily contraceptive will no longer work as a morning after pill.
  • Fixed: If a female is already pregnant, she should no longer be able to receive contraceptive tablets of any kind.
  • Corrected: Numerous dialogue mistakes.
  • Fixed: Until you have gained Sandra's trust by making enough deliveries from the Cinema, you are no longer encouraged to go assist out at the Bakery. Once this condition has been satisfied, Sandra's dialogue will no longer allow you to begin the bakery event.
  • Fixed: While cheat mode was enabled, some of Lucas' dream events unlocked earlier than they should have.
  • Fixed: Amber no longer claims to be working on her stream between the hours of 21:00 and 23:00.
  • The countdowns for the Morning After pill and the remaining time on current protection are now displayed under a girl's status if she is using daily contraceptives but has just engaged in unprotected sex.
  • Changed: The requirements for providing girls Morning After and Daily Contraceptive pills. For Morning After, the girl only needs to go x days without taking the pill, irrespective of who inseminated her. For Daily's, she must currently have no days of protection left and you must have had at least one intimate encounter with her in the vaginal area. You must also have pills in your supply.
  • Additional information was added to Gemma's exercise event, Backyard. On weekdays, 8:00
  • Louise receives an intriguing SMS; Louise's gardening event is expanded (09:00 Backyard, weekdays – Event begins after using shower or bath at home).
  • You can now propose to make Claire some coffee when you accompany her back to her house following the hot tub, keeping her awake a little bit longer (Requires her having already fallen asleep during sex and at least 14 attraction points).
  • Claire can now be seen at her home between the hours of 15:00 and 19:00.
  • Added: Following music lesson at the University and in the afternoons, Claire can receive her Morning After and Daily Contraceptive pills at her home.
  • The ability to change Christine and Gemma's Corruption stats while cheat mode is active has been added.
  • New Lucas NTR group scene will take place at 22:00 in the living room (the outcome will rely on Gemma's participation - NTR on the Lucas Alpha path).
  • The Abrahms family arrives in town, it is added (Main Story).
  • Added: If you've previously planned a beach date with Christine, please remember to visit her on Saturday.
  • You now have Gemma's debt balance on your phone.
  • You may now request to walk to university at 8:00 with a housemate (scenes will vary depending on current status).
  • Can now enjoy some fun at night in Amber's room at Johnson House (00:00–03:00).