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2月 06, 2023
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100+ top-notch Xbox games may be found and played easily on your mobile device, or you can download them to your Xbox console.

For a reasonable monthly fee*, the Xbox Game Pass App offers fantastic access to more than 100 top-notch titles, including eagerly awaited Xbox exclusives.

With Xbox Game Pass, you can play a huge selection of games on your console, PC, or Android smartphone or tablet, including critically regarded independent games as well as blockbusters from every genre. With the freedom to explore and play games you've always wanted to play or go back to old favourites you've been missing, there will always be something fresh for you to do.

To search, browse, play on your phone, or download new games to your console while using a mobile device, download the Xbox Game Pass app (Beta).

How does the Xbox Game Pass function?

• Sign up and play more than 100 fantastic games, including fresh, acclaimed Xbox exclusives the day after they are released.

• Learn about cloud gaming and download the Xbox Game Pass beta app to stream and play games on your smartphone.

• Browse games on the app and download them to your Xbox so they're available for play whenever you are. If you want to allow game downloads while you are away, set your console to "Instant-on." You may find this in the Settings menu under Power and Startup.

• Get alerts when new games are added to Xbox Game Pass, and begin playing them as soon as they are available by pre-downloading them to your Xbox console or streaming them on your mobile device.

Save up to 20% and receive an additional 10% off any Xbox game add-ons when purchasing Xbox games from the current Xbox Game Pass catalogue.